Our meetings offer our members and visitors a chance to learn valuable tips and techniques from our featured speakers as well as from our own members in the various mini workshops they conduct. Also at our meetings you can be dazzled by the amazing masterpieces our members display during “Show and Tell”, and you can simply delight in the warmth and friendliness of our talented and giving members.

The guild normally meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Salem Methodist Church at 14825 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO 63011. The meeting room is handicap accessible and all quilters and those interested in quilting are welcome.

Note that the December meeting date is usually the 2nd Tuesday of December.

2024 Meetings

  • January 23-Cover Our Kids

2023 Meetings–Meetings are in person.

  • Jan 24- Let’s Get Ready for the Quilt Show
  • Feb 28- Getting to Know our Mini Groups
  • Mar 28- Fanfare of Quilts 2023 – Recap
  • Apr 25-Catherine Thoele- Color, Quilting & Flower Arranging
  • May 23- Laura Piland  “Slice of Pi Quilts -Trunk Show”
  • June  27- Candace Hassen “Inspiration” Trunk Show
  • July 25- Salad Supper
  • Aug 22-Jenny K Lyon “The Beauty of the Imperfect” (Free Motion Quilting)
  • Sep 26-Round Robin Demos
  • Oct 24-MJ Kinman – The Diamond Quilts
  • Nov 28-Color Theory Quilt Reveal
  • Dec 12-Bits Christmas Party

2022 Meetings–Most meetings will be in person and zoom.

  • January 25–Ann Rexford Volunteer Manager for Great Circle in
    Webster Groves
  • February 22–Trudy Cleveland – Shoot Your Quilt (virtual)
  • March 22  Fanfare of Quilts 2023- Preview
  • April 26–David Owen Hastings – Dyeing in Japan (virtual)
  • May 24- Toni Steere – From Concept to Quilt Trunk Show
  • June 28-  2022 Guild Challenge – “StoryBook” Reveal
  • July 26 – Honor Flight Video by Judy Humphrey  & Salad Supper
  • August 23 – Harriet Zipfell – From Dressmaking to Quilting to Rope Bowls…
  • September 27 – Round Robin Demos by Bits Members
  • October 25 – Shelly Gephart & Kim Morrow – Santa Suit Quilts
  • November 22 – Sew Hope
  • December 13 – Bits Christmas Party

2021 Meetings–All meeting are on zoom for members only until further notice.

  • January 26 –Debbie Maddy–No Diamonds/No Y Seams, Old Quilts – New Methods
  • February 23 –Lilo Bowman–Love Where You Create: It’s Not A One Size Fits Solution
  • March 23–Beth Sullivan–“Quilts to a Tee: Using T-Shirts and Unique Clothing in Quilts”
  • April 27–Rose Parr — Sew Smart: The Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting
  • May 25–Gyleen Fitzgerald–It’s a Polygon Affair
  • June 22–Annie Scheumbauer — ‘A trunkshow of my fiber work’
  • July 27–Maria Shell–Patchwork to Artwork–Journey of an Alaskan Quilt Maker
  • August 24–Cancelled – Salad Supper in the Park.  The 2020 Challenge projects will be displayed.  (The Millennium Challenge and the Covid Challenge.)
  • September 28–Jane Unger
  • October 26–Julie Silber–Keep Them in Stitches
  • November 23–Jan Doyle–Quilts & the Underground Railroad: Fact or Fiction
  • December–No meeting

2020 Meetings

  • January 28–Get To Know Bits ‘n’ Pieces Guild
  • February 25–SAQA Art Quilters– Demos and Trunk show
  • March 24 – Meeting Canceled
  • April 28 – Meeting Canceled
  • May 26 – Meeting Canceled
  • June 23 – Meeting Canceled
  • July 28 –  Meeting Canceled
  • August 25 –  Meeting Canceled
  • September 22 – Meeting Canceled
  • October 27 – Zoom practice
  • November 17 – The Dresden Reimigined or Give a Girl a Wedge by Candy Grisham
  • December 15 – Holiday Party

2019 Meetings

  • January 22–What Appraisers Look For. . .and How to Improve ANY Quilt with Hallye Bone
  • February 26–Got Scraps? by Leila Gardunia
  • March 26–Quilting and Copyright Law by Prof. Yvette Joy Liebesman, J.D.
  • April 23–Guild Garage Sale
  • May 28–Picture Piecing the Cynthia England Way by Callie Hargiss
  • June 28– Kathy Eubank
  • July 23–Salad Supper
  • August 27–It’s All About Words by Sandra Bruce
  • September 24–A Martelli Enterprises Event by David Martelli
  • October 22–Quilting As The Focus–2019 Bits Challenge Competition
  • November 26–Cover Our Kids
  • December 10–Holiday Party

2018 Meetings

  • January 25–Tips, Tricks & Techniques
  • February 27–Lola Jenkins presents Ms. Bubble Buster
  • March 27–Recap of the Quilt Show
  • Apr. 24–Honor Flight and Quilts of Valor
  • May 22–Lisa Grossenheider presents 3D Applique and More
  • June 26–Will McDonald presents Back to the Basics: Classic Sewing Machines in a Modern Era”
  • July 24–Garden Party Salad Supper
  • August 28–Cut Less! Quilt More! With the Quilters’ Cutting Guide by Deborah Rubles
  • September 25–Want to Get Away Challenge Reveal
  • October 23–Deborah Boschert–Fiber Collage Art
  • November 27–Cover Our Kids
  • December 11–Holiday Party

2017 Meetings

  • January 24–Cover Our Kids
  • February 28–Jan Ochterbeck–Trunk Show Cut and Shuffle Quilts
  • March 28–Toby Lischko–Trunk Shos
  • April 25–Casey York–Art Historical Inspiration for Quilters
  • May 23–Becky Goldsmith
  • June 27–Cindy Neville–Tips on Entering a Prize Winning Quilt in a Quilt Show
  • July 25–Salad Supper
  • August 22-Susan Brubaker Knapp
  • September 26–Shelly Pagliai of Prairie Moon Quilts–The Life of Hazel Ilene
  • October 24–Cindy Holten–Guild Challenge Quilt Reveal
  • November 28–Cover Our Kids
  • December 12–Holiday Party

2016 Meetings

  • January 26– Jean Goldsberry – A Marathon of Sewing
  • February 23–Renee Dillard of Makanda Moon
  • March 22– Eileen Urbaneck, of Quilt Works, a certified Judy Niemeyer teacher, trunk show.
  • April 26–Janie Lou of Janie Lou Quilt Shop in Kirkwood, MO, Opening a Quilt Stor from Inspiration to Execution.
  • May 24–Edie McGinnis-Finders Keepers Quilt
  • June 28– Salad Supper
  • July 19 Christmas in July – Round Robin of Christmas Gifts to Make
  • August 23–Susan Marth-Trunk Show
  • September 27–National Speaker: Cindy Lohbeck, of Hands On Hand Dyes, will present ―Diary of a Dye Hard‖
  • October 25–Kevin the Quilter – promises to be a fun night and includes a few Quilt of Valor presentations.
  • November 25–Cancelled Due to Construction at the church
  • December 13– Bits Holiday Party

2015 Meetings

  • January 27–“We’ve Come Along Way, Baby!”
  • February 24–Adventures at the Silent Auction
  • March 24 — Quilter’s Minute: Darla Gibson
    Program:  A Taste of Appliqué—Something for Everyone presented by the “A Team” mini group.
  • April 28 — Quilter’s Minute: Jean Weber
    Program:  Becca Bryan will present her new book and a trunk show.
  • May 26 –Program:  Garage Sale. Presented by Linda Waugh, Jean Goldsberry & Mary Miller. Details to follow.
  •  Jun 23 Program: Salad Supper presented by Debbie Miles and Jan Oehrle. Details to follow.
  •  July 21—NOTE DATE CHANGED TO THIRD Tuesday.–  “You Are Your Quilt Story” by Mindy Smith.
  • August 25 — Suzi Parron presents, “Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement”.
  • September 22 — “What’s Your Number” Challenge.
  • October 27 — “From Merchant to Designer – My Story” by Jenice Belling.
  • November 24– COK & More
  • December 8– Holiday Party

2014 Meetings

  • January 28– Candy Grisham–Tools of the Trade
  • February 25– Sandy Sagan–Color: Your Best Friend or Your Enemy?
  • March 25– Art and Wanda Kruse – She Does-He Does-They Both Quilt
  • April 22–Ginger Carter–Special Textiles Around the World
  • May 27– Susan Cleveland–My Eclectic Quilt Pageant
  • June 24 –Mystery Program by Judy Humphrey
  • July 22 –Judging at Quilt Shows by Velora Mowry
  • August 26–A Round Robin of Techniques and Tips by Members
  • September 23–Let’s Talk About Machine Quilting by Members
  • October 28– Finding Your Quilt Voice by Members
  • November 25– Guild Challenge & Cover Our Kids
  • December 9– Holiday Party

2013 Meetings

  • JAN 22 – Mini Group Presentations by Members
  • FEB 26 – Round Robin “What’s New” by Members
  • MAR 26 – Water Water Everywhere Challenge
  • APR 23 – Kristy Daum – Modern Quilting
  • MAY 28 – Dawn Heese – Small Town Girl to Designer
  • JUN 25 – Salad Supper / Christy Hagar – Vintage Aprons–Meeting starts at 6:30pm
  • JUL 23 – Jacquie Gering – Quilting Modern
  • AUG 27 – Stencil Girls – Stencil Demonstrations
  • SEP 24 – Rayna Gilman – Fearless Color
  • OCT 22 – Rae Haeman – Portraits and Places and
    Dusty Post – BOM Tabletops Reveal
  • NOV 26 – Susan Calzone – COK Parade of Quilts
    and Marsha Bray and Tracy Back – Kids Quilt Challenge Reveal.
  • DEC 10 – Holiday Party